Sunday, July 17, 2011

Building A Better Blawg

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I don't really like people. But I lam very curious about them, their motivations, their lives. There is a big hotel close to my house, and when I bike past it, I look up at all those floors of identical windows and wonder what's going on behind each one. One night, I saw a guy standing at one of the windows watching the street. I couldn't say that our eyes met -- he was at least 7 stories up -- but I knew that he was looking at me just as I was looking at him.

This is why I love blogs. I read them compulsively, even though most are terrible. I jump from blog to blog, just hoping for an interesting one, a funny one, one that mirrors my life. When I was remodeling the house, I searched over and over for other stories like mine, other ambivalent urban pioneers. Google: house repair, blog, stories. Gentrification, experiences. Inner city, remodeling, ghetto. The closest I found was the journal of a minister who relocated his family to inner city Detroit to work at a youth ministry. I eventually started my own blog to fill the vacuum.

So it is no surprise that I've been spending a lot of time perusing law blogs, or blawgs, as I find they are called. Lordy lord, how some of them suck. Paragraph long re-tellings of blockbuster movie plots (you mean, Richard Gere's reporter character and Julia Roberts' runaway bride end up TOGETHER at the end of the film? Amazing!) and rosters of imaginary baseball teams. Reports on boring classes and even more boring cases. Updates on which suit makers Scalia prefers and Chief Justice Roberts' family life. Goddamn, people! I thought an interest in the law meant you liked to discuss Judas Priest's liability for backwards messages in their music, or read reports on the grave-robbing Texas couple busted for life insurance fraud.

Well, folks, that's what this blawg will cover. Sensational, diabolical, and sometimes intellectual musings related to my life and studies as I start law school in Washington DC. I hope you'll read it, enjoy it, and find that it speaks to you.

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